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Event: Scandinavian Festival 2015, Thousand Oaks, CA

The annual Scandinavian Festival takes place this April 18-19 at the CLU Campus in Thousand Oaks, CA. Both days of the Festival are filled with music, dancing, food, lectures and activities for young and old alike. For information on activities, please visit the Festival Website. Each year the Festival also features a display of Scandinavian vehicles, including Volvos, Scania Trucks and Buses, and SAAB cars. If you are interested in bringing a vintage SAAB, please , who is coordinating the Scandinavian vehicle presentation. Show your vehicle and get free admission to the Festival!

President's Letter - March / April 2015

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

Where have they gone?

I don’t know about you, but as a Saab driver, I continue to seek out other Saabers in parking lots, driving on the highway, and in driveways as I make my way around. And, probably like you, I continue to see Saabs of various years and models in my travels. But what about the Pontiacs, Hummers, Saturns and Plymouths? Where did the Oldsmobiles disappear to? Hard to believe that with the GM and Chrysler dealer network committed to maintaining those vehicles that they should have become phantoms of the roadways in short order.

And yet, we still see 9-5s, 9-3s, and various other Saab models on the road. Its quite a unique group of drivers, those who continue to see the value and enjoyable experience of driving their Saabs and keeping their cars on the road through their local OSC, favorite Indie, or through DIY repair with parts sourced from many of the advertisers in NINES.

In 2015, the momentum keeps going – SAABs@Carlisle is coming up this May, followed by the International Festival in Sweden in June, with August around the corner for the annual US Owners Convention in Lexington, KY. Tell your friends, those on the fence about ever having been at a SAAB event.

Start on your Saab Owners' Convention 2015 planning today and book your room. Reservations for the Griffin Gate Marriott (host property) can now be made online:

As an alternative, you can call their toll-free line at 877-901-6632 and be sure to mention the SOC’15 to get the group rate. Please note, if you plan to book a room outside of the event time window, the online system will show unavailable, the link is only for the dates of SOC.

PS: Follow the club on Facebook and SAABnet for more Convention details as they become available. Got an event? Feel free to post it to our Facebook page!

Daryle Powers
President, Saab Club of North America

SAABS @ Carlisle 2015 Registration Open

It's time again for SAABS@Carlisle, the second largest annual gathering of Saabs in North America (only slightly behind our own SOC)! Pre-registration is now open, and all the information you need to know is at the link. The date is May 15-17, and as always the gathering will be held at the Carlisle Fairgrounds in Carlisle, PA in conjunction with the Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals.

Let's help make this year the best showing yet! Click here for pre-registration and we'll see you there!

Newest Saab Service Provider: Svensson Automotive

The Saab Club of North America would like to welcome our newest Saab Service Provider, Svensson Automotive, in Lafayette, CA. Svensson Automotive is offering a 10% discount on parts and service when you present your Club Membership card at the time of service write up. The shop is an official Saab Service Center providing geniune Saab replacement parts and factory trained and experienced Saab technicians. Check out the Saab Service and Discount page for contact information, and thank Svensson Automotive for their dedication to Saab Club members when you stop by!