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President's Letter

WOW! If you weren't there, you missed a GREAT convention. One where Jay Spenchian offered the employee pricing to anyone who attended if they buy a new Saab in September -- no, he really did that -- it was really neat. He also brought this fine silver car, called the Aero X. But first my apology:

During the Awards Banquet when I named the folks that were there from the SCNA that had done so much work, I neglected to name Ed Smith until after everyone was getting ready to leave and I noticed Ed picking up the dyno board. It was a combination of an honest mistake and a little stage fright. I apologized to Ed but I want everyone to know that he EARNED the title "Dyno Ed" and if not for him there would not have been the amazing Dyno/Vendor area at the SOC this year. I want to apologize one more time to Ed. I’m terribly sorry, Ed.

OK, at this point in time I have heard nothing bad about the convention, moreover, I have heard nothing but good comments coming out of everyone as they left the Awards Banquet. We got everything sold from the parts tent and we came up a smidge short on T-shirts but we are working on fixing that. The meeting of the Board of Directors went smoothly and we have a few new officers and Board members. The awards banquet and graphics went as slick and smooth as one could hope (probably something to do with the graphics being created on a Mac. Thanks, Greg!) And we have established the proper use (and are looking into trade marking) the latest term to come out of the event, where a dud potato gun shot goes less than three feet. (Ok, Paul says it was at least six feet but he's biased.) Henceforth, a dud shot of any sort is to be called a "Galanti."

We had roughly 350 registrants (Including the day trippers). That is bigger than last year's convention and also bigger than the convention at Vero Beach for sure. Not too bad for six weeks of planning! The GM Heritage collection guys were great, as was learning that they have so many experts in house. Being told, "Yeah, we took that over to our stencil guy and he re-stenciled it" is something not easy to forget.

Back to the dyno, that setup was really nice. All the tuners and the dyno were in one parking lot—talk about a feeding frenzy! Many of the cars reported low numbers, but to my knowledge no one knows why my 51 hp Sonett II still has the lead by about two horses.

We have heard from four groups who are asking to put on the SOC 07, and by the time you read this we should already know where it will be held! Don't forget, 2007 is the 60th anniversary of Saab. And I remember the 50th Jubilee like it was yesterday . . .

Oh yes, the most important thing that many seem to forget, the SOC is about the amazing people, seeing the folks you met last year and many years ago, spending time talking about cars, potato physics, years with Saab, and this tremendously funny suggestion for the theme next year. Buy a round and I'll tell ya.

If this seems a bit disjointed, that is only because it is. It was a 25 hour drive back and then there were patients to be treated, so at this point I’ve been up 32 hours. Well worth it. See you at SOC 07!

Lester Ewing
Interim President, SCNA