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President's Letter

Happy New Year!
No, it's not original but it's a start.
Let me tell you what the SCNA is up to....

The Central Pennsylvania SAAB Club has agreed to sponsor the 2006 Saab Owner's Convention. At present, February 1, they do not have a firm contract but they do have assurances that everything will work out just fine. Since there is no contract in hand I am reluctant to tell you the date, but what have I got to lose? The TENTATIVE date and location are the 4th weekend of August in Hershey, PA.

That said there is little else for me to tell you. I mean we could talk about cars and such but it would be a little onesided so let's see....

There is a topic that seems to have been a little touchy some years back so let's see if it still causes problems:

Why can't we all get together? To be more specific, why is it that all of the fantastic regional clubs can’t seem to join together and become a national club? At present there are several big Saab groups, including Central Pennsylvania, Rocky Mountain, Vintage, Turbo! and VSAAB (the latter two on the Internet). In the past, attempts at unification were met with disapproval, as I understand it. We need to get together if we are ever going to be able to offer the kinds of benefits that national organizations can offer, financial support being one of the largest. Financial support for what you ask? Well, how about support for track days for the performance crowd, tents for the show crowd, manufacturing of outdated bits for the vintage crowd? Yes, take a look at the Swedish Saab Club: they manufacture many old bits for Saabs but guess what? We don’t and we have a growing cadre of Vintage Saab DRIVERS, not just show cars but those who drive 'em every day! We have a great deal of potential but we are not yet organized, and I think we need to be!

What this means to me is that those of you who are SCNA members but are also members of your local group can work to see what we can do. What are the requirements? Not much–the local club would need to have a contact person. I would guess that this would be the club president, dictator, whatever. We would need some sort of census so that we know how many people are in the club. And yes, we would need some dues. Yes, I know that is probably the sticking point but we are not talking about a great deal of money. The regular dues for the SCNA are next to nothing compared with any other car group. And besides that, many if not most of the club members are already SCNA members. I know that there are clubs that who see no benefit from the SCNA as it is. To some extent they are correct. It’s the old Catch-22: We can't offer benefits unless you join and you won't join because we can't offer benefits.

This is not going to happen overnight nor, do I suspect, during my tenure here as President, but it should happen. We should work towards that goal.

Lester Ewing
Interim President, SCNA

....oh yeah, I'm still looking for that jack for a Sonett II and the washer bottle for same....