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November/December 2005

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President's Letter

NO NEW TAXES! Well, it's worked for others and seems to be a thing for a president to say. That's me, the new president of the Saab Club of North America. Well, to be precise, I'm the interim president. OK, NO ONE ELSE WANTED THE JOB and I was on the phone so here I am.

As you may already know, I cannot influence how Saab designs their cars or how they market them or what the dealer sells them for. All I can do is to try to keep the SCNA moving forward so that we can begin to offer services like the larger marque car clubs. And I would like to see that happen.

I am president because there is still a club. There is still a club because of the work of a VERY few people. As Marc Fails noted at the time of his last missive, there were just five members of the board and only one of those was brave enough to hold office. It’s not a tough job but it does require some time. I would strongly encourage anyone who is at all interested in the club to volunteer for the board. You can only help. No previous experience is needed! Let me also say that we are looking candidates for a "real" president to be elected at the Saab Owners' Convention in 2006. You qualify. Yes, you. There is not a big political campaign here, just let the board know that you would like to be president and we will put you on the ballot (after the requisite background check, financials, fingerprinting, etc.) I may run but I'm sure when people see me in person and you in person, they'll probably vote for you.

Here are several things that we, the board, are working on:

  • Saab Owners' Convention 2006 is scheduled for August just outside of Pittsburgh. Some recent input from Saab Corporate has required us to be a little vague on the date but we should have that locked down very soon. Again, thanks go to Marc Fails and his crew!
  • Saab Owners' Convention 2007 has not been scheduled. Now is the time. We are looking for anyone interested in putting on one to please let us know. The board has a lot of experience and you will not be anywhere near alone if you decide to put one on.
  • SCNA Web site is under review. We will be using new software with a new look and working harder to get more information on the page and keep it updated. That said, this is all volunteer so don’t expect everything to be different tomorrow, and if you can spare some time and know Web page stuff we will welcome your help.
  • Increasing membership roles and benefits are a top priority. If you know someone who thinks about Saabs a little too much then they need to be members. At present our club is not large enough to offer the benefits we would like to have such as track days, loyalty discounts and event insurance. We are large enough to offer discounted parts prices at a number of dealers. (It is a dealer option beyond our control but some will ship at a significant savings!)

Well, that's it for now unless someone has a flat top jack for a Sonett II or the washer bottle for same...

Lester Ewing
President, SCNA