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Save Saab Convoys
Sunday, 17 January 2010 13:48

Czech ConvoyMany of the "Save Saab" convoys took place today or are taking place currently, and the support by fans of the brand has been nothing short of astounding. SaabsUnited has plenty of photos and updates, so head on over there to check it all out. There are still more events taking place here and abroad next weekend, so there is still time to show your support!

The photo to the left is from the gathering in Taiwan. Similar turnouts were reported in Lithuania, Trollhattan (over 2000 cars!), Latvia, St. Petersburg, Moscow, and other locations around the world. Saab owners and fans should be incredibly proud of the massive show of support and visibility they have given to Saab. If nothing else, General Motors and the world can see that this is not Saturn or Pontiac, that we will not go quietly into the night, that we love our Saabs and that we want to be able to buy new Saabs long into the future!

General Motors, we ask you again. Please. Save Saab!