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President's Letter - March/April 2010

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

From all of us at the Saab Club of North America, thank you Victor Muller and Spyker Cars for persevering and Saving Saab. We are also very grateful for the work of Jan Ake Jonsson and his team in Trollhattan who have been performing miracles behind the scenes. Thank you all very much! What kept my interest and hopes up were the news releases that cars were rolling down the assembly lines. It was a very positive sign. To all our members and other Saab aficionados throughout the World who participated in Save Saab activities – thanks much! To Steve Wade and Ryan Emge kudos for a wonderful job in rallying the faithful; and, keeping us informed!

How can we help now? We can be the glue that gets Saab sales back where they belong. Those who can must contact their dealer and order a new Saab. If we don’t, the efforts of these great folks will have been for naught. The dealers, suppliers and Saab employees have been through very tough times. Don’t let them down, get behind them now and show your appreciation! Thanks.

Planning is under way for the 2010 Saab Owners Convention to be held 22-25 July in Aurora, Ohio. The convention site is The Bertram Inn and Conference Center. You can make reservations there by calling (330) 995-0200 and requesting the special rate for the Saab Club of North America Owners’ Convention.

While Saab is restructuring in the US, we are maintaining contact to ensure they can participate at SOC10 as much as their new plans allow while they get things back on track. Victor has been invited to support SOC10 so we are ever hopeful that they will do whatever they can to keep their loyal supporters informed and share new vehicle plans including the cars if possible. I am reminded of the North American roll out of the first 9-5’s at the Waterville Valley, New Hampshire SOC in 1997. That was a great event supported by SAAB Cars USA and was one of the highest attended SOC’s ever!!! Can we hope for anything less?

As I said previously, I have received offers of assistance with SOC10. All offers are welcome as we can always use help with activities on the ground at the SOC. You can , or other Board members if you would like to assist.

Ian Glenday
President, SCNA