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President's Letter - September/October 2010

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

The 2010 Saab Owners Convention was extremely successful. This and subsequent issues of Nines will have many details of the events that occurred. My thanks go out to our membership for your outstanding support. Based on feedback from you we are already working on after action items.

The biggest highlight of the SOC was the participation by Saab Automobile and Saab Cars of North America. Victor Muller and Jan Ake Jonsson were accompanied to the Bertram Convention Center on Saturday by Mike Colleran. Victor and Jan Ake had a brief meeting with Stephen Goldberger and me and then they were out on the grounds and attending seminars for several hours before participating in the group photo session. In the evening, they gave a great presentation at the Awards banquet. As a surprise to the membership, Victor announced Saab’s giving a $500 certificate to SCNA members towards the purchase of a new Saab automobile. Click here for details. All present assured Victor that they will be doing their best to buy a new Saab ASAP. There was a good representation of Saab staff there including Peter Backstrom, John Libbos and Michele Tinson.

One of the main reasons an SOC is successful is because of all our sponsors. We appreciate each and every one of their contributions. Please continue to support these folks now and in the future!

Dave Towell Saab, Saab of North Olmsted, Ally Financial Inc., Goldwing Saab, Iowa City Saab & Meyer Garage, Mile-Hi Body Shop, Sports Car Service, Trio Motors, Aktive Motors, Classic Saab, Genuine Saab, Jim Ellis Saab, S and J Automotive, Scott Haseltine/MetLife, State of Nine, West of Sweden, Hagarty Insurance, The Saab Network

As announced at the SOC10 Awards Banquet we are planning on having SOC11 in the Northeast. As soon as we have concrete plans we will release as much information as we have.

I would like to welcome Alan Fein and Seth Hedstrom to the Board of Directors. Their individual background and experience will enhance our ability to do a better job for you.

Ian Glenday
President, SCNA