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President's Letter - November/December 2010

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

First off, the big news: SOC 2011 will take place on August 18-21 2011 at the Hilton Parsippany located at One Hilton Court, Parsippany NJ. Put it on your calendars now! More news will follow in future issues of NINES, and on the Saab Club Web sites at www.saabclub.com and www.saabconvention.com!

I am so impressed by the progress that Victor Muller and Jan Ake Jonsson have made since we met at SOC10 in July. I know that Victor gets concerned about news media claims about “this and that” and there is little he can do once it is out there. I believe his forthrightness in dealing with the media has held him in good stead and bolsters his credibility. The news from Victor and Jan Ake that Saab is working on new ventures with major automotive entities in the furtherance of the brand is the proof in the pudding! Continued success gentlemen!

From a membership standpoint we can help in their efforts by supporting our local dealers and buying new Saabs. Saab Cars of North America is offering you, our members, a $500 discount on a qualified new Saab. We are very grateful to Victor and Mike Colleran (COO, SCNA – the company) for offering this to our members. Seth and I have assisted some in getting the needed documentation in time to close on their new cars. Mike and his staff have come into play as needed to allow the sale to proceed. Thanks to all who have participated thus far and enjoy your new Saabs!

In my last letter I told how successful SOC10 had been. That was partly due to the folks that volunteered to work onsite. I’d like to thank them on behalf of all who attended. They are: Reception; Amanda and Melanie Adams, Lynn Davis, Linda Glenday, Norma Goldberger and Diana Schaefer, Parts Tent; Sherry and Mike Connelly, Jay Davis, Linda Glenday and Dan Orzano; Charity Auction; John Moss, Photography; Gregg Abbott. The following assisted in several ways or jumped in to help as needed: Marty Adams, Jeff Elman , John delRosario, Adam Glenday and Amanda and Melanie. The Concours de Saab was organized for the first time by Gary Stottler and assisted by Brad Lauzze, John Moss, Boe Kalinski, Tom Donney, Chip Lamb, Marty Adams, Jerry Danner, Tom Remedios and Bruce Turk. The SCNA Board deserves accolades for getting it done in a very professional manner. Many thanks to: Stephen as Coordinator Extraordinaire, Annette the Organizer, Linnea the Parts Tent Guru, George the Hotelier, Ed of Great Torque, Daryle the Cool One, Seth the Program Meister, Aaron the Webmaster and Lester the Quiet One. Many thanks to you all!

The Board has been setting the ground work for future SOC’s. As previously mentioned, SOC 2011 will take place in Parsippany, NJ. For SOC12 we will be in Iowa City, Iowa and in 2013 we are tentatively returning to Ohio.

From everyone on the SCNA Board, have very Happy Holidays; and, a Prosperous and Happy New Year!

Ian Glenday
President, SCNA