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President's Letter - May/June 2011

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

As we approach the next SOC and the election of new Board members and officers, I would like to encourage you to consider becoming a Board member. There are quite a few of you who frequent and actively participate in SOCs each year. There is no doubt about the dedication that you all have to the brand; and, sharing and learning about all aspects of it during convention activities. It is challenging to run a club such as ours by remote control but the rewards of having our owners’ convention each year make it worthwhile. Please join us and help ensure the success of future SOCs. You will find information on the election in this issue of NINES on page 34.

We gave an opportunity via the web to get input for this year’s convention by surveying past convention participants. Those results were compiled by Seth Hedstrom (the survey guru). Based on the survey results, the convention committee incorporated changes in the planning to better suit the desires of the membership. Daryle Powers, SOC co-chair, has more info on SOC2011 in his update on page 34.

Just another reminder that Saab Cars North America is offering a $500 certificate to SCNA – The Club members who are buying a new Saab. We continue to be grateful to Saab Cars for this offer. Please show them that we are thankful by buying a new Saab and using this great membership value!

On behalf of the membership of The Saab Club of North America we wish Jan Åke Jonsson the very best in his retirement from Saab. Thank you for all you have done!

PS: Shameless Plug: The Saab Owners’ Convention 2011 will be held from August 18th through the 21st at the Hilton Parsippany, NJ. Information is on the SOC website.

Ian Glenday
President, Saab Club of North America