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President's Letter - September/October 2011

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

In this my last letter as president of SCNA – The Club, I want to thank all of the dedicated members for their tremendous support of our efforts to keep SOC’s going!

In particular, I want to give thanks to Lester for his time on the Board and wish him well in all his future endeavors. In addition, thanks to Aaron for all his hard work on the websites. Despite the fact that Aaron is not staying on the Board, he will continue to provide web support as our Webmaster. Last but not least, my friend Ed. He has been a pillar of strength for many of us and I am pleased to say that he is going to continue his support of the club by staying on as a Board member – thanks my friend!

I give a hearty welcome to Annette and Daryle as our newest club officers. They are truly representative of the spirit that keeps our club going. Please give them the support they need to complete the tasks they have ahead of them!

Lastly, I bid a fond farewell to all my friends at Saab. Thank you all so much for being there for us over the years!

Happy Saabing!!!