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President's Letter - November/December 2012

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

Things in the Saab world are beginning to settle down. Most of the remaining vehicles at the port will have been sold by the time of printing and parts fulfilment at Saab Parts North America is getting back to normal. From what I understand, agreements with most if not all of the domestic suppliers have been signed and parts are arriving from Sweden daily. There are exciting things coming from Saab Parts North America and we will do our best to keep you posted.

NEVS is employing over 100 people at this time and we will all have to wait and see with the future brings for this innovative new company. Many of the key players in this new venture are names familiar to the Saab world and it makes me hopeful for the future of the company.

Heading into the winter season in Iowa brings the need to prepare the fun vintage vehicles for storage during the snowy and salty winter months and the installation of snow tires for those daily driver vehicles. I always hate to see them all being put away for the winter. Hoping everyone in the Saab community has a wonderful holiday season and keep those Saabs rolling!

Annette Adams
President, Saab Club of North America