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President's Letter - March/April 2013

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

The holidays are now behind us and cabin fever is quickly turning into spring fever. Many parts of the country where our members are scattered have experienced mother nature teasing us with unseasonably warm weather and then reminding us that winter isn't quite just over yet. But, if you are like me, you are thinking about getting your classic Saab out of hibernation or giving your daily driver a good wash and wax. My thoughts are also focused on the 2013 SAAB Owners Convention in August. I am pleased to inform all of you that this years event will be held at The Desmond Hotel & Conference Center in Albany, NY, August 15-18. Planning is underway by the events committee, like us on facebook to keep up to date on progress and registration opening!

News on the Saab Parts front is that owners of 2010-2011 are now able to obtain warranty coverage through the Saab Secure program (pdf download). This is great news for owners of vehicles that were the last to roll off the lines in Sweden and provides peace of mind that these cars will be on the roads for years to come. Saab Parts North America is continuing to add to their inventory every month and have secured 179 certified service points around the country. I continue to be amazed at the dedication and commitment of Saab leadership to ensure that customers and fans of the brand continue to receive support.

A few days remain for the "Saab Spirit Lives On" exhibit at the Simeone Auto Museum in Philadelphia (February 22 - March 17). Bill Jacobson, owner of Sports Car Service in Delaware and a perennial Saab Club of North America supporter, will have his collection on display with Saab models ranging from 1956 to 2011. Visit www.simeonemuseum.org for event details.

As we come into Spring and out of the winter blues, remember to give oncoming Saab drivers a wave or thumbs up, it's a small gesture to keep that SAAB Spirit alive and something that only our community can do to put the "whee" smile on every drivers face.

Annette Adams
President, Saab Club of North America