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President's Letter - May/June 2013

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

Convention planning is fully underway. By now, you should have visited www.saabconvention.com to register for the 2013 Saab Owners' Convention presented by eEuroparts.com located in Albany, NY August 15-18. We are very excited to have eEuroparts.com as our title sponsor this year. Matt Moran and his team promise to have a large display on hand for everyone attending. They will also have Pagano Motorsports and possibly Rally-Ho to share their rally Saabs with us. Albany Speed Shop/Albany Saab Shop will also be a convention sponsor this year and we are looking forward to the cars they will have on display.

Joining us again this year is Hagerty Insurance and State Of Nine. Dan DeVliger at State of Nine has recently launched his online “hangout” where customers and fans can participate in all sorts of Saab chat and discussion. Stay tuned to State of Nine’s Web site to see when the next hangout chat session will occur, maybe you can even ask Dan what new items he will have on display at the Convention! Performance Automotive, a Saab Parts North America service point in Pittsfield, MA is also joining us. John Fiorini is planning something fun for all attendees – follow us on Facebook for these and other Convention updates.

Lastly, on behalf of the club’s board of director and our membership, I want to personally thank SCNA club member, board member, and President Annette Adams for her time in helping to keep the club active, including all of her involvement with SOC's of the past. Annette’s own road has taken her on a new adventure and we wish her all the best.

Would you like to be involved with SCNA? Consider adding your name to the ballot for the upcoming board seats that will be available for vote on August 17th – President, Vice President, and Director positions will be available.

See you there!

Daryle Powers
President, Saab Club of North America