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President's Letter - November/December 2013

Reprinted from Nines Magazine


For many of us, it is that time of year when we put up the show cars and Convertibles for winter slumber. But it is also a perfect time to work in the garage and get that project for the next season of driving enjoyment. Recently, while checking out 'the list (CL)" I have noticed some really interesting Saabs coming up for sale. 

Some might call them barn finds, I call them opportunities. Why not pick up one of these cars and spend some time working on the project, invite some friends over and work on it together. There is nothing more satisfying than taking that non-running "diamond in the rough" and hearing it turn over for the first time. You can spend the rest of the winter months getting that car ready for the spring shows. 

This time of year is also when family, friends, spouses and significant others rack their brains to find just the right gift for you. Why not make simplify the process and make sure you get exactly what you are really hoping for and not another pair of socks or t-shirts. Several of our advertisers have a "wish list" section on their sites. 

Consider this your own, personal gift registry. Make a list then send it out to your gift givers. They will appreciate the time back no having to hunt around for just what you want stuffed into your stocking!

Happy Holidays to all, 

PS: Considering give that car away if you are unable to work on it or finish the project - too many SAABs are heading to the crusher these days. NINES Classified is a great way to submit your cars availability to others. 

Daryle Powers
President, Saab Club of North America