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President's Letter - January/February 2014

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

Holiday festivities are over, the ornaments are packed and stored, those unwanted gifts exchanged and winter has set in. On the bright side, NEVS Saab 9-3s are rolling off the assembly line in Sweden. Albeit, this is not the mass produced quantities of previous years but NEVS is taking a slow, quality first approach with online only sales and roughly 10 cars or so produced in a given week. While these not-so-new styled 9-3s are not coming to US shores anytime soon, this is at least, a good directional start for NEVS and we hope that the news in 2014 continues to be positive.

Speaking of positive news, reports from Dan, Calye, and Phil of the Northwest Saab Owners' Club are very good that planning for SOC 2014 in Bend, OR is well underway. Preparations are being made for a terrific West Coast event, in partnership with SCNA. More to come on convention activities and registration as we get closer to Spring. Follow us on Facebook and SAABnet for convention details.

As we all look towards Spring, remember now is a great time to get your projects out of hibernation and begin planning for the upcoming shows and events that are just around the corner. Look to our SCNA advertisers and partners here in NINES to help with sourcing the parts you need to complete your projects. If you have an event that would like us to help promote, please contact us through the club Web site.

Daryle Powers
President, Saab Club of North America