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President's Letter - September / October 2014

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

Another Convention has past and put down in the history books. Special thanks go out to the NWSOC and to the event organizers, Dan Morley, Phil and Calye Lacefield for their efforts in pulling together a great event. Once you have done one of these you really get an appreciation for all of the hard work and details that go into making a convention a success, super job!

But with every passing Convention comes change, mostly as a result of the Annual SCNA Board meeting. And this year is not unlike any other. I would like to welcome Ria Levine and Chris Grider as our newly elected standing board members along with Daniel Cahill who starts his second term on the Board. Luke Lewis moves into the role of Treasurer as Stephen Goldeberger is stepping down.

On behalf of the entire SCNA Board, I would like to thank Linnea Krajewski and Stephen for their years of service to support the Club. After 10 long years, Linnea has decided to leave the Board but will remain an active Club member and contributor to her column in NINES. Stephen is also stepping down from his role as Treasurer, a job he has done for the past 6 of his 8 years on the Board, and quite well I might add! Stephen will remain as an active board member to help shepherd the Club’s financials through the transition. We thank them both for all their contribution, hard work and at times, suffering, along with the fun!

Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, we have some positive news coming from NEVS and the production efforts in Sweden.

PS: Now is a great time to begin planning Fall driving tours and local jet-togethers!

Daryle Powers
President, Saab Club of North America