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President's Letter - May / June 2015

Reprinted from Nines Magazine

Spring is here! Finally, another winter for the record books closes for many of our members, especially in the Northeast who just can’t seem to catch a break from the snow.

What’s needed are some good thoughts to warm you up and get you in the spirit – how about registering for SAABs@Carlisle, May 15 to 17?

The SOC 2015 planning team had a terrific meeting in February at the host property. Registration is now open at http://www.saabconvention.com - and while you visit the site, check out the new look and feel we have for the Convention.

Aaron Clow, our dedicated webmaster, worked in collaboration with our newest Board member and webmaster Jonathan Dennis to create a website that is more responsive for use on mobile and tablet devices. Welcome Jonathan to SCNA and a big thanks to Aaron for all of his support on both the Convention and the Club websites throughout these past years.

With the Convention come the Annual Board meeting of SCNA and the annual elections. If anyone would like to get involved, please consider joining the Board. You can contact any of the current Board members through the Club website.

Convention registration and elections ballots will be in the July/August issue of NINES for those that would like to mail in their information.

Daryle Powers
President, Saab Club of North America