SCNA Contact List

Saab Club of North America Officers

  • Sandy Bogage, President
  • Asher Schlusselberg, Vice President
  • Ria Levine, Secretary
  • Sandy Bogage, Treasurer

Saab Club of North America Standing Board Members

  • Greg Abbott
  • Seth D. Bengelsdorf,
    Membership Chairman and Parliamentarian
  • Daniel Cahill
  • Jonathan Dennis
  • Chris Grider
  • Stephen Goldberger
  • Jim Hickstein
  • Bryce Johnson
  • Robert Pope


  • Jonathan Dennis

NINES Owner and Publisher

  • Seth D. Bengelsdorf, Editor

Member Discount Program Manager

  • Ian Glenday

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Thanks to Scott Paterson, SCNA Life member for his continuing support.

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