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President's Letter

We were all saddened by the passing of Bob Sinclair. He was a gregarious man that enjoyed life and lived it to the fullest. All in the Saab community that know of his accomplishments are keenly aware of his contributions to the brand and his lasting impression on the automobile industry. There were many occasions where Bob made presentations that were outstanding. There are two that are foremost in my mind.


The first was at the Vero Beach Convention where Bob showed personal slides of the development of the Saab convertible and told the intimate details of that venture. The other was far more personal and allowed those of us gathered to hear the life of Bob Sinclair according to Bob Sinclair. This was at the Crystal Mountain SOC. There were only a few folks in attendance at this “seminar” in the pub at the lodge but I’m sure that all in attendance will remember Bob’s story forever. He made us all feel like part of the family. Our sincere condolences to Bob's wife Anne and the entire Sinclair family.

As I write this, the future of Saab has yet to be determined but all the signs are good for a recovery that can only be beneficial for owners in the long run. I will repeat myself and remind all our members and other Saab aficionados that if we do not support the existing Saab infrastructure the chances of survival will not be as strong. The soon to be released new 9-4X and 9-5 will be a shot in the arm for sales. That all Saab design and engineering will return to Sweden; and, the new 9-5 being built in Trollhättan are very positive signs for the future. It is our part to support our local dealers and independent shops as well as the online folks that sell Saab parts. Please do your part to keep Saab alive!

Since some dealers have already closed their doors as authorized Saab dealerships, I am soliciting the membership to ask your local dealer to participate in the SCNA Member Dealer/Independent Service Facility Program. Please download the agreement letter (PDF) and print it out.

We have found that when a valued customer asks a dealer/indy to participate that we get a better response. If you already shop at a participating shop, please thank them for their support of our club!

I hope that everyone who can will attend our annual convention: http://www.saabconvention.com.

The RMSC folks have gone all out as usual so that you all will have a great time!

Ian Glenday
President, SCNA