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March/April 2009

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President's Letter

Hopefully by the time this is in your hands we will know more about Saab’s future. I want all our friends that are in the Saab business to know that we are most hopeful about Saab surviving and a really credible car company emerging.

Dealers and independents should be getting our support during this time. I have always supported the dealer network as much as possible. Those that think otherwise would not be driving Saabs of any vintage since without the dealer network there would have been no Saabs. There would have been no great war stories from Bob Sinclair that we have treasured these many years. Nor would we have had Saab USA bring Erik Carlsson and Peter Backstrom to our annual conventions; or, supply all those wonderful goodies for the Parts Tent. Those independents that have stuck with Saab and tried to stay up with the technological challenges are also very deserving of our continued support. Chuck Andrews, for one, stands out through the investigative work he has done and contributions to NINES and Saab Owners’ Conventions. Please support all the people who are Saab!

Our new Board member, Aaron Clow, working with Larry West and Chris Moberg, has brought the main Saab Owners’ Convention site under the auspices of the Saab Club of North America. The site will not be used for SOC09 as the Rocky Mountain Club has developed their own web site. Aaron has also been assisting Stefan with updates to the SCNA web site at www.saabclub.com and planning for expanded services for members and eventually Saab Owners’ Convention registration.

Ian Glenday
President, SCNA