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President's Letter

Preparations continue for the 2008 Saab Owners Convention (SOC08) and things are coming together nicely.

As we approach another SOC, it becomes obvious from reading different Saab bulletin boards that some Saab loyalists don't understand that the main function of the Saab Club of North America is the annual Saab Owners Convention in North America. It is after all the convention for members of the Saab Club of North America to which non-member fellow Saab owners are invited.

Why do I need to bring that up now? Well I need to start somewhere and bringing this up to the membership is a good place to start. You all can help (there I go asking for help again.) by spreading the word about what it takes to put on an SOC within the Saab circles in which you are involved. Many of us have enjoyed participating in SOCs through the years. SOCs can only continue with the dedication of those clubs who assume the responsibility and sign up to run an SOC; and, the SCNA Board who will run those for which a capable club has not signed up. There are a lot of Saab owner enthusiasts who would like to attend an SOC but seem put off by the expense. As I said before we are a small national club and rely on sponsorships to help see us through an SOC. Our main sponsor through the years has been Saab USA. We are grateful for them bringing guest speakers from Sweden, transporting the Saab Heritage Collection and, concepts like the Aero-X across country as well as generous financial support. We are also grateful to those sponsors who support our member discount program, the SOCs and advertise in Nines. So, it is the members who attend the convention and the sponsors who would like to support our club that pays the costs of an SOC. The costs are kept as low as possible so we can maximize member attendance but we must have enough money to pay all the bills at the end of the event.

On the subject of volunteers, we always welcome those who can help with our running and administering the club. Information on the annual election is in this issue of Nines including a proxy voting form. Please do your part and vote for those who have volunteered to work for the cause. If you will not be at the SOC to vote then please use the proxy form. Biographies of those running will be posted on the SCNA website: www.saabclub.com

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Carrellas the outgoing Treasurer of the SCNA. Through Steve's diligence missing money was returned to the club treasury account. He is also responsible for establishing good fiscal procedures and filing our tax status with the IRS. Thank you again Steve!

Please check out the SOC08 website (http://www.saabconvention.org) and come join us for a great weekend. Come early and have the family take the historic bus tour of Boston. If you are prepping your car for the Concours or Auto Cross they will need something to keep them busy.

Ian Glenday
President, SCNA