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January/February 2008

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President's Letter

A Happy Saab New Year to one and all!

There is good news from the restructuring New England Saab Association. According to Seth Hedstrom, they had a meeting on November 17th and had about 24 folks show up to meet and greet those who are interested in keeping the club and its activities going. SOC08 was a major discussion item as NESA will be participating in this year's SOC activities. Seth and Johnny DelRosario gave the group a thumbnail sketch of what is needed for the support and planning of SOC activities. They have yet to decide specifically what event or events they will be doing but their ideas sound promising. We look forward to working with the group and hope to help them achieve their goals.

SCNA was privileged to be associated with the Great Lakes Saab Club (GLSC) and their presentation of SOC07. As is tradition with SOC?s, the club hosting each year chooses a charitable organization to support. For 2007, GLSC chose the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit. Just prior to the SOC, GLSC learned that this worthwhile organization had a terrible setback when thieves stole wiring from their kitchen and damaged equipment needed for food storage and preparation. Hopefully the contributions by GLSC and SCNA helped them get back in business sooner than anticipated. You can learn more about their mission by going to their website: http://www.cskdetroit.org/ We again thank all the folks at GLSC and the sponsors who contributed to a very successful SOC07!

We have received feedback from Paul Bottone, SOC09 Chairman on the scheduling of the ?09 SOC. Due to a couple of scheduling conflicts, no final date has been set as of Nines going to the publisher for printing. He hopes that a date will be firmed up by mid December 2007. I will post the latest info on the SOC B/B on Saabnet as soon as I get it: http://saabnet.com/tsn/bb/SOC/

On Monday, October 29th there was a significant fire at Marty Adams' Meyer Garage (http://www.meyersaab.com). We are glad that no one was hurt and that Marty's team is back at work. Let's support Marty and Annette and do whatever we can to get them up to speed ASAP.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year on behalf of the SCNA Board!

Ian Glenday
President, SCNA