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May/June 2007

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President's Letter

Now that Winter is over in North America, many of you will be getting the grime off your Saabs, making them sparkle like new and showing them off to fellow Saabers at local club events. Those who are fortunate enough to live in an area with a Saab club should do their utmost to participate in meetings and events. All clubs rely on volunteers to make things happen and need your support. Our activity is based on such support as well as the dedication of Saab aficionados who give their time and effort to organize local clubs and activities. Join in and pitch in for a great Spring and Summer!

As the GLSC SOC07 Committee readies for this year's traditional Saab OwnersÂ’ Convention, we are looking for input from other local clubs that would like to organize SOC08. We know that the Rocky Mountain Club will not be amongst the entrants as they are well on the road to planning SOC09 with chairman Jerry Danner at the helm. Please contact me or any SCNA Board member if your club is interested in doing SOC08 or SOC10 for that matter.

In November 2005, the SCNA Board made the decision to include a subscription to Nines with SCNA membership. The cost of Nines was added to the membership fee. SCNA does not own Nines, it is owned by SB Productions. Nines does serve as the newsletter for SCNA. There has been a misconception that a subscription to Nines also included membership in SCNA. Those who just have a subscription to Nines are not members of SCNA. I hope that this and the revised subscription section in this issue of Nines helps clear this up.

As of the cut off date for publication we have not had any responses to my request for a webmaster for the SCNA website (http://www.saabclub.com). We need a volunteer webmaster who is knowledgeable of: HTML, MySQL Database, MySQL Admin tools, CGI bin, PHP 4.0.3, and Perl 5.6.0. If you are conversant in these areas and would like to contribute some time to our club website, please .

Ian Glenday
President, SCNA