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March/April 2007

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President's Letter

As most of our members know, the current Board of Directors has been trying since SOC05 to revitalize the Saab Club of North America. It has been "one up and two back" at times but we are all dedicated to seeing that SCNA survives. The proof in the pudding was the eleventh hour endeavor by Board members that resulted in a successful SOC06. In order for us to continue to be successful, we are in need of assistance in certain areas so that the Club continues to thrive.

One of these is the Member Dealer program where participating dealers and Indies provide discounts to SCNA members. SCNA needs members to solicit their dealer or Indy who is not currently participating. If you can help with this, please .

We need a volunteer webmaster who is knowledgeable of: HTML, MySQL Database, MySQL Admin tools, CGI bin, PHP 4.0.3, and Perl 5.6.0. The latter are features of our website that we are not currently utilizing and would like to use to enhance member access to additional information/features. Currently Stefan Vapaa is doing a great job with the recent redesign of the website but he needs assistance from someone with knowledge of the aforementioned areas.

The SCNA Board has formed a committee to determine what SCNA can do to help and improve our affiliation with local Saab Clubs. There are a couple of initiatives that we are working on. These involve ways in which SCNA would provide member benefits to local clubs. To help with this we would like to hear from local Saab Club members as to how we can help your club.

The SCNA continues in maintaining a great working relationship with Saab USA. They are doing their utmost to maximize support for the Club.

This year's SCNA officer and board elections are scheduled for the annual business meeting at the owner's convention in August. The President and VP positions are up for election for a two-year term as well as at least one standing board member position. If you are interested in becoming a Board member and running for either of the officer positions that we will vote on in August, please contact me.

Ian Glenday
President, SCNA