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November/December 2006

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President's Letter

It's already been two months ehh.. time flies when .. well I guess when you get close to 50.. oh .. right.. SAAB stuff.. ok..

Your Board of Directors voted last month to determine which of the three groups who had offered to put on the Owner's Convention for 2007 would get to have those long conversations wee into the night followed by headaches and cursing. The winners were the Great Lakes SAAB Club. As of this writing they are looking at dates in August and should have that firmed up by the time you are reading this issue and the event will be held in Michigan probably close to GM's Heritage Collection. Should be a good time as it is SAABs 60th anniversary!

At present the Board is trying to hammer out the details for future SOC's so that any group that wants to put one on will have the same info at the same time and will be able to present that info to the Board. This was the first time that we have had so many groups trying to put on the SOC, that is REALLY something considering the difficulties of this year's SOC. For those of you who don't know, your Board stepped up to the plate and put the convention on in a little over 6 weeks. We had a lot to do and little time to do it and we did it well. You can do it too, remember, we still have no group for the Owner's Convention for 2008 or 2010 and we would like to get you all thinking about those now! 2009 is going to be in Colorado with the fine folks of the Rocky Mountain SAAB Club and Restoration Shop.. ok, I made that last bit up, they aren't exactly a restoration shop.. ;-)

Let's see, I still need to make my bimonthly plea to get all of us under one roof, and to get more members. It's still a catch 22, we need more members to offer better benefits and we need better benefits to get more members. But if you know someone who should join, motivate them!

One last thing comes to mind, there will be elections at the next Owner's Convention and my job is one to be voted on. So if ya want my job and all of the perks and recognition that go with it... no... really... quit laughing... stop it... then run for office or volunteer for the projects that your Board is doing to get our still young club doing more and doing it better!

Lester Ewing
President, SCNA

.. and this one liner for those of you so inclined:
Time flies like an arrow, Fruit flies like a bannana.