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New Saab Ad Campaign Coming to US

There has been plenty of talk among Saab enthusiasts that perhaps the message that Saab Lives had not quite reached the masses in the United States. It now appears that Victor Muller and his associates have heard this and have decided to put that message front and center in a new ad campaign.

Speaking in Michigan outside the Detroit Auto Show, Muller told the NY Times, "Saab was perceived to have died with old G.M. People mentioned Saab in the same breath as Hummer, Pontiac and Saturn. But in fact we were the company that got away." He also said that a new series of ads were coming that would tell the world that Saab survived and that it planned to stay alive.

“The buyer needs this confirmation that he’s not an insensible person if he actually buys a Saab,” Mr. Muller said.

Check out the whole article here.

Mike Colleran Resigns from Saab Cars of North America
Monday, 10 January 2011 11:21

On his resignation from Saab Cars of North America (SCNA), the Saab Club of North America thanks Mike Colleran for his wonderful support to the club. In particular the effort provided to our SOC10 and the added benefit of receiving from Saab Cars a discount for being a club member. We wish him the best in all future endeavors.

As the transition is made to a successor, we are sure that Victor Muller’s selection of Matthias Seidl as interim CEO for SCNA will achieve very positive results. Saab club members should continue to support the Saab brand and look forward to continued support to our club from Victor and Jan Ake Jonsson. More information can be found here.

Saab (and the 2011 9-5 Aero) Successfully Redefined

Edmunds.com has a positively glowing review of the 2011 Saab 9-5 Aero Sedan. The online 'zine praises the car's handling and XWD system, noting that it "creates a beautifully balanced car that shows only the mildest sign of understeer when pushed hard — remarkable for an all-wheel-drive car with 58 percent of its weight up front." The car bested its German and Japanese rivals in head-to-head slalom and skid pad tests, and is described as having "benchmark handling, a competitive powertrain, plenty of space and the sort of style that will get you noticed (in a good way) in a parking lot full of Bimmers and Benzes." Edmunds goes on to conclude that "If the future of Saab will be as good-looking, as fun to drive and as competitive as this 9-5, consider the brand successfully redefined." Head on over to Edmunds.com for all the details!

Join Us at the SOC!

2012 Saab 9-5 SportCombiUpdate: The new 9-5 SportCombi is at the SOC! Come down and take a look! Day Passes are available at the Hagarty Insurance Registration Table!

The 29th annual Saab Owners Convention is now under way until Sunday at the Hilton Parsippany located at One Hilton Court, Parsippany, NJ in the heart of Morris County. The site is centrally located, including nearby access to the Meadowlands Sports Complex and FunPlex Family Fun Center, while complimentary shuttle service to the train station makes reaching the famous Broadway theatres, shopping, sporting venues and other New York City attractions easy.

Saab members from all over the United States and beyond are converging to talk Saabs and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Saab convertible. Conceived by former Saab president Bob Sinclair (known as "Uncle Bob" by his many friends), the convertible centric celebration will feature the unveiling of the Bob Sinclair Memorial Trophy. This annual recognition will showcase the SOC 2011 Saab owner who exemplifies the spirit of Bob Sinclair.

Details are available on the Saab Owners Convention website. Although registration is now closed, day passes are available. Just check out the Day Pass section on the menu over at the SOC site. We hope you can join us!

Saab Planning To Resurrect Sonett
Tuesday, 31 August 2010 23:59

Auto Express has some exclusive news about Saab developing a competitor to the Audi TT. The picture to the left is what they imagine the car could look like. A higher-resolution version along with other imaginings can be found at the link. According to the Auto Express, the new car will officially carry the name Sonett, and it will not be a retro design, but will be a completely new model designed by Jason Castriota, newly appointed head of design at Saab. There are also a couple of juicy quotes from Jason over at the site, so head on over to Auto Express and check out the latest Saab news!

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