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Do you want to test your knowledge on Saab? If you think you can tell the difference between an Aero Convertible and the Talladega Auto Coupe then you’re probably on your way to becoming an expert. has a great section on practically every vehicle the Saab has ever built from 1977 onwards. Head over to the Saab technical pages and discover a wealth of information. Data sheets cover over 1,200 different Saab models from the past 30 years. It’s the perfect spot to sharpen your knowledge on not only your most loved models, but vehicles you never even knew existed!

Saabcars Website Open

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB has recently updated the Saab website to include information about the company executives, Saab's planned product range, and a news page.

Currently, NEVS is "extending and further developing the Saab brand in passenger cars with a new visual identity founded on Scandanavian heritage, where the four distinctive seasons, long distances and extreme road conditions have shaped the Saab passenger cars." The company has signed a licensing agreement with Saab AB to use the Saab brand for its products and services, and the Saab wording will be featured in dark grey or silver on future products. For more information, and to also view the "four season" logos, visit

Newest Saab Service Provider: SAAB of North Olmsted

The Saab Club of North America would like to welcome our newest Saab Service Provider, SAAB of North Olmsted, in North Olmsted, OH. SAAB of North Olmsted is offering a 12% discount on parts and service when you present your Club Membership card at the time of service write up. The shop is an official Saab Service Center providing geniune Saab replacement parts and factory trained and experienced Saab technicians. Check out the Saab Service and Discount page for contact information, and thank SAAB of North Olmsted for their dedication to Saab Club members when you stop by!

SOC 2011 Group Photo Available

SOC2011 Photo :: SOC2011 Photo The group photograph from the 2011 Saab Owners' Convention is now available for purchase! There are two versions -- one with just the cars, and one with owners and cars. The full color photograph is available in the following sizes for the following prices:

  • 4x6 - $10
  • 8x12 - $20
  • 11x14 - $25
  • Digital - $40

Format/Size notes: The 11x14 version cuts off the red 99 on the right edge of the picture, right down the middle of the car -- if you own that red 99, do not order the 11x14 version of the picture. The digital version is 3MB JPEG at 3571x2380 (suitable for large prints) and can be emailed or burned to a CD and mailed. The digital image is covered by a license to use the image for non-commercial purposes.

Shipping: Group Shot purchase prices include shipping and handling. Canadian addresses please add $5 for additional express shipping charges. Please expect 3-4 weeks between payment and delivery.

Payment: Paypal to greg - at -, or send credit card information (processed through Paypal), checks or money orders via postal mail to:

Greg Abbott
PO Box 24453
Minneapolis, MN 55424

SaabsUnited Octoberfest - This Weekend!

On October 1st, SaabsUnited is hosting SaabsUnited Octoberfest in Trollhättan, Sweden with support events being organized all over the world on the same date, including one in Walnut Creek, CA. Check out the Facebook page, or head on over to the SaabsUnited Forum to discuss.

You can also check out the SaabsUnited Octoberfest page at SaabsUnited for information on convoys from Germany and Stockholm as well as an itinerary.

Welcome New Board Members!

The Saab Club of North America would like to welcome its newest board members, Greg Abbott and Asher Schlusselberg! We'd also like to welcome our new President, Annette Adams, and our new Vice-President, Daryle Powers. Annette and Daryle were co-chairs of this year's Saab Owners' Convention. We'd also like to take this opportunity to say a giant thank-you to outgoing President, Ian Glenday, and outgoing Vice-President, John "Ed" Smith. Ian and Ed were elected as standing board members at the Convention, so we are very happy they will be sticking around!

A New Chapter in the Story of Saab

Saab has just launched a new project entirely for its fans. By leveraging the capabilities of Facebook, we have created an app that allows Saab drivers to actually take an active role in creating the brand voice.

On the Saab Facebook page, owners and enthusiast can create their own web banner to share a piece of their story. Not only will the banners be posted to Facebook, but Saab will also be placing them on pages like MSN, The New York Times and Wired. It’s the ultimate chance to share and broadcast your story with Saab, and with the world.

Simply visit the “Create Banner” tab on the Saab Facebook page to read the stories and begin writing yours! You can click the link, or go to

Victor Muller at Teknikens Värld Talks Saab Phoenix Concept

Saab Phoenix ConceptTake one look at the image to the left leaked by Car and Driver and we're sure you're going to want to head right over and see their photos and writeup of the new Saab Phoenix Concept. After all, this is the first glimpse we are getting at the work of new Saab design chief Jason Castriota. This concept is going to be every bit as important to the future design direction of Saab as was the AeroX to the current and outgoing models. But after you're done reading about it and reacting (positively or negatively) to the photos, you should also check out the enlightening new interview with Victor Muller over at Teknikens Värld which took place at Saab's Independence Day celebration that puts the whole thing in context (thanks to Larry West for the heads up). You don't need to understand Swedish to get the gist of what's going on, and Victor himself speaks English in the interview. There's a lot of great information here, and a much better look at the new Saab 9-5 SportCombi than we've seen from the single press photo that's been making the rounds. So head on over to both sites and get a look for yourself!

UPDATE: More photos, suitable for framing, screensavers or desktop backgrounds can be found over at!

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